President Duterte warns on cancellation of Aid Pact with US

President Duterte has threatened to cancel its aid pact-the Visiting Forces Agreement with US which allows US troops to visit Philippines as US cancelled a major aid package over its concerns on human rights. A US government aid agency Millennium Challenge Corporation has put off a vote on the renewal of development assistance package for Philippines due to review of concerns around the rule of law and civil liberties. The 1998 accord allows American forces to visit Philippines for joint combat exercises.
Duterte government has abused Washington over its criticism on the crackdown on drug dealers and users. He voiced words of praise for China for offering huge financial assistance and stated that Philippines do not need any more US aid. Duterte also admitted to personally killing 3 men while he was mayor of Davos. His unpopular anti-drugs programme has left 4500 Filipinos dead over a period of five months due to extra-judicial killings of addicts and dealers.


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