Pratap Singh wins Institute of Physics Prize

15-year-old Indian-origin student, Pratap Singh from United Kingdom (UK) has won prestigious award Institute of Physics (IOP) Prize.
Singh, who is a student at The Perse School, Cambridge received the prize for his experiment to verify an effect of Albert Einstein’s special relativity theory.
The award comprises £500 cash prize and a trip to a national physics-related activity. His research will be also published in international journal Physics Education.
Pratap Singh’s experiment

  • Singh in his experiment used two Geiger-Muller tubes to detect cosmic-ray muons. They are the high-energy particles created high above the Earth.
  • Using these tubes, he created a mathematical model for cosmic-ray muons arrival rate with and without time dilation.
  • By statistical analysis and using a Raspberry Pi computer he showed that these cosmic ray munons follow the model predicted by Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity.




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