PM to meet Corbyn: Brexiters disappointed at the move

Theresa May is expected to meet Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Leader. She said she wanted to break the deadlock in passing the Brexit Referendum. Mr Corbyn wanted the customs union and workers rights to be the priority of the Brexit Referendum.

With this move the Brexiters are disappointed as they claim that the PM is now giving the deal to the Labours. The UK now has time till April 12 to propose a new plan that must be accepted by the bloc. Else, it has to leave the EU without a deal.

Mrs May said her plan is to agree a new plan with Mr Corbyn, put it vote before April 10. On April the EU will hold an emergency Brexit summit. However if the meeting does not go well, she said many more plans will be put in front of the MPs.

In either case, the PM is planning to request an extension of date by May 22. By this the UK need not participate in EU elections.


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