PM Modi to fast during Navratri Festival

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is highly religious and a man of high principles. It is said that he has been ardently involved in religious affairs and is known for indulging in severe fasts known as ‘nakkoda’ which he has been keeping for last 35 years. The fasts include nine days of no food and only drinking water, yoga, meditation and puja at dusk. The fasts will set-in this year one day before he leaves for US and will cover his entire US tour and beyond. As also mentioned in his book, ‘Saakshibhav’, the tradition and the associated rituals give him peace, solace and also lot of inner strength to talk to Goddess Amba every night.
During the navratri fasts, according to Gujarati traditions one is allowed to have vrat thalli with sabudhana preparations. The PM fasts are said to be more linear and severe and don’t allow him to break a bite. The importance this topic is receiving is due to the timing of the festival which happens to coincide with the PM’s US visit which has been long awaited on both the sides. The concerns are brewing about the lavish banquets President Obama and Indian community will organize for him there. It is also been reported that US first lady Michelle Obama is getting extremely interested as she is working with best chefs to create menu from fruits, vegetables straight from her kitchen garden. It is learnt from the sources, that considering the gravity of the visits, he may end up having soups, salads, fresh juices etc.
Officials in Indian Embassy at PMO are making arrangements for PM Modi’s fast. The fasts will not hamper the visit in anyway as PM Modi is very dedicated and can manage his work along with his personal beliefs.