People from 11 countries take part in First Buddha Heritage Walk in Bihar

People from 11 countries have taken part in First Buddha Heritage Walk in Bihar.
In this heritage walk over 500 pilgrims from 11 countries walked through a 13-km-long forest trail.
They walked through the trail which Lord Gautam Buddha had taken to reach Rajgir from Bodh Gaya around 2,543 years ago.
It was organized by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC).
Buddhist monks from Japan, China, South Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, and India took part in it.
Some facts about this route

  • As per scholars, this well documented route is among such several routes taken by Buddha during his 45 years of preaching in various parts of India.
  • It passes through lush green forest, hills and valleys and several ancient Stupas can be seen in the along the route.
  • It is also believed that Bimibsara (emperor of the Magadha Empire from 542 BC till 492 BC) took Lord Buddha to Venu Van near Rajgir on this route and offered him  place to stay as a gift. Buddha had stayed there during his visit.




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