Peak Hour Pollution flattened due to COVID-19

In Indian big cities, the peak hour pollution in the morning and evening flattened due to the lock down. The lock down imposed in the country to contain the spread of COVID-19 has brought down particulate matter of sizes less than 2.5 microns greatly.


The big metropolitans like Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad had evidential reduction of pollution level according to Centre for Science and Environment. The Centre says that the pollution levels in the peak hour has gone down by 60% in several cities.


The Delhi Air Quality Index turned to Good from Hazardous. In Delhi, the PM 2.5 concentration levels dropped down by 57%, Nitrogen Dioxide levels dropped down by 64%. According to SAFAR, vehicles contribute to 40% of total particulate pollution in Delhi.

Data from CPCB

According to the Central Pollution Control Board, around 92 cities in the country have recorded pollution level of “Good” from “Satisfactory”.

Air Quality Index

The pollution levels are said to moderate when the AQI is between 100 and 200. It is satisfactory when the AQI is between 50 and 100. The pollution levels is categorized as Good when the AQI is between 0 and 50. The other categories are poor (201-300), very poor (301-400) and severe (401-500).




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