Paper waste turned into non-toxic green Aerogel for first time

For the first time, scientists from National University of Singapore (NUS) have successfully converted paper waste into green nontoxic cellulose aerogels.
Aerogels are among the lightest solid materials in the world and are also one of the finest insulation materials available.
Green Aerogels are ultra-light, non-toxic, extremely strong, flexible and water repellent. It is obtained by converting paper waste into biodegradable Aerogels which is a simple, cost-effective and fast method.
Characteristic Features

  • It has low thermal conductivity
  • It super high oil absorption capacity i.e. 4 times higher than commercial sorbents.
  • Its fabrication process uses 70 per cent less energy and produces fewer polluting emissions into the air and water.

It should be noted that traditional aerogels are mainly made of silica which is not environment-friendly process of manufacturing it.

  • It is ideal for applications such as oil spill cleaning.
  • It can serve as heat insulation materials for buildings.
  • In Biomedical applications, it can be potentially be used as coating materials for drug delivery and as smart materials.
  • It can be also used in packaging industry as it is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly material.



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