PaMZ: High potential drug combo against drug-sensitive and MDR-TB

A new drug combination PA-824 + moxifloxacin + pyrazinamide (PaMZ) developed to treat both drug-sensitive and MDR-TB, including those who are HIV positive, is advancing to the crucial Phase III human clinical trial. If successful, the new drug regimen will be a game changer for tuberculosis treatment. As a new combination, PaMZ provides a fresh approach to treating both TB and MDR-TB. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the cause of most cases of TB which have been spreading through South Africa, India and the countries that made up the former Soviet Union.
What will be the potential benefits of PaMZ drug ?

  • Less toxic
  • Reduces the duration of MDR-TB treatment from current 18-24 months to 6 months
  • Cut in the number of pills by one-third
  • 90% cheaper treatment of MDR-TB treatment



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