Pakistan passes bill to set up counter-terrorism NACTA

Pakistan’s lower house of parliament has passed a bill for the formation of a new body that will integrate counter-terrorism efforts by different organizations in the wake of criticism of civilian law enforcement agencies by the powerful army.
The bill provides for setting up of the National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) which is to be headed by the Prime Minister.
Constituents of NACTA:
The authority will be assisted by an executive committee headed by the Interior Minister, and a national coordinator and a deputy will execute the board’s policies and the government’s instructions.
Functions of NACTA:
Unify and orchestrate national counter-terrorism and counter-extremism measures by several existing organizations.
Conduct scientific studies on extremism and terrorism.
Coordinate with law enforcement agencies for taking action against elements involved in terrorism and extremism and play a key role in preparing national counter- terrorism and extremism strategies.
Receive information and intelligence and disseminate the data to relevant stakeholders.
The bill is yet to be passed by the Senate or upper house of parliament to become law.



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