Pakistan based Jamaat-ur-Ahrar designated a ‘terror group’

The United States declared Pakistan based Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (JuA) as a ‘terror group’ by adding it to its list of global terrorists.
This declaration triggers sanctions against the terrorist faction that has staged multiple attacks on civilians, religious minorities and soldiers.
Besides anyone who supports Jamaat-ur-Ahrar could have his assets frozen by the US Government.

About Jamaat-ur-Ahrar

  • JuA is a militant Sunni Islamic group. It is a splinter faction of the Pakistani Taliban movement. It has declared loyalty to Islamic State’s (IS).
  • The aim of Pakistani Taliban allied with Afghan Taliban is to topple the Pakistan Government.
  • It has claimed responsibility of 5 major attacks in Pakistan since December 2015, including the Easter Sunday bombing in a public park that killed 70 people in Lahore city.



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