Operation Sanjeevani: 6.2 million tonnes of essential medicines supplied to Maldives

The Indian Air Force recently delivered 6.2 million tonnes of essential medicines to Maldives under Operation Sanjeevani.


The Indian Air Force airlifted the medicines in Hercules C-130J. The medicines included lopinavir and ritonavir, influenza vaccines. Apart from medicines, the IAF also delivered nebulisers, catheters, urine bags and feeding tubes.

The treatment of Lopinavir and ritonavir has been suggested by WHO along with other 3 treatments.

Other Medical Assistance

In March 2020, India sent a 14-member medical team to Maldives to set up a viral testing lab. Also, it gifted 5.5 tonnes of essential medicines.

Other Operations for Maldives

Operation Cactus was conducted in 1988 to help Maldives Government neutralize coup attempt. In 201, Operation Neer was conducted to help Maldives with its drinking water crisis.


Ekuverin is the joint military exercise conducted between India and Maldives. 70% of military training requirements of Maldives are provided by India. India is the fourth largest trade partner of Maldives after UAE, China and Singapore.




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