Online surveillance of maternal and infant deaths: Haryana

Haryana health department is all set to take a virtual route for the surveillance of maternal and child death and stillbirth cases in the state

Haryana health department all equipped to have online surveillance of maternal and infant death and stillbirth cases in the state.

For this purpose Haryana Health Department has created a website which is expected to be launched very soon

This project is expected to:

  • Devise strategies to cut Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in the state.
  • Provide an online reporting system to immediately record every death of mother and infant, in any part of the state
  • Reduce systematic defects and gaps in reporting system and to ensure timely services to make suitable administrative corrections

Haryana government has also formed a committee in each district to review the MMR and IMR at facility level and community level for more focused and area specific approach to tackle this problem.



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