Officers of IAS, IPS & IFS to spend minimum of 2 Years at each posting

In a bid to check political interference, officers of the three premier services – IAS, IPS and IFS – will now spend a minimum of two years at each posting. Under the new rules circulated by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), transfers and postings before two years can be done by a Civil Services Board to be constituted by states.

 Excerpts from the amended rules for IAS/IPS/IFoS cadre:-
  • The Centre or the state government may transfer a cadre officer before the minimum specified period on the recommendation of the Civil Services Board
  • Though, the competent authority may reject the recommendation of the board by recording the reasons for the same.
  • Every state will now have to make appointments of cadre officers on the recommendation of a Civil Services Board constituted by it under chairmanship of the chief secretary.
  • A cadre officer, appointed to any cadre post, shall hold the office for at least two years unless he or she is promoted, retired or sent on deputation outside the state or for training exceeding two months.
  • The DoPT stated that any exception in the form of transfers or new appointments will only be done upon the recommendation of a civil services board. The new rules aimed at checking political interference.
  • The Civil Services Board could seek justification from the administrative department of the concerned state for premature transfers, obtain comments or views of the officer proposed to be transferred, and not recommend premature transfer unless satisfied with the reasons.
  • The board shall also submit a quarterly report to the Centre giving details of officers recommended to be transferred before the minimum tenure and the reasons thereof.

Now, States have to constitute a civil services board, which is to be headed by the chief secretary, to consider questions of transfer of the said civil services officers.



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