October 27: World Day for Audio Visual Heritage 2020

Every year the World Day for Audio Visual Heritage is celebrated on October 27 by UNESCO to increase the awareness of significance of the audio visual documents.

This year the day is celebrated under the theme

Theme: Your Window to the World


The initiatives such as World Day for Audio Visual Heritage, UNESCO project Digitizing our Shared UNESCO history and the Memory of World Programme, UNESCO tries to safeguard the audiovisual heritage.

Memory of the World Programme

It was established in 1992. The programme works to establish the fact that the world documentary heritage belongs to all. It should be permanently protected and preserved for all. Also, it should be accessible to all without hindrance.


The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage serves as an opportunity for the member countries to implement the Recommendation Concerning the Preservation of and Access to Documentary Heritage including in Digital Form.


The other important days that are marked by UNESCO are

  • January 24: International Day of Education
  • February 13: World Radio Day
  • February 21: International Mother Language Day
  • March 8: International Women’s Day
  • March 21: World Poetry Day
  • March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • March 22: World Day for Water
  • May 16: International Day of Light
  • May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
  • June 5: World Environment Day
  • June 8: World Oceans Day
  • August 9: International Day of the world’s Indigenous People
  • August 12: International Youth Day
  • August 23: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and in Abolition
  • September 8: International Literacy Day
  • September 15: International Day of Democracy
  • September 21: International Day of Peace
  • October 5: World Teachers Day
  • October 13: International Day for Disaster Reduction
  • October 17: International Day for eradication of Poverty
  • November 5: World Tsunami Awareness Day
  • Third Thursday of November: World Philosophy Day
  • November 16: International Day for Tolerance
  • December 1: World AIDS Day
  • December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • December 10: Human Rights Day
  • December 18: International Migrants Day
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