Now Delhi will have 11 Districts

The Delhi govt has decided to divide Delhi into 11 sessions and revenue districts.

  • The decision is taken to provide speedy justice and efficient administration to the Union territory.

Currently the number of districts is 9 which include Central, North, South, East, Northeast, Southwest, New Delhi, Northwest and West Delhi.

After reforming the boundaries the newly formed 11 districts will include Central, East, West, North, South, Najafgarh, Saraswati Vihar, Kalkaji, Preet Vihar, Seelampur and New Delhi. The Northeast, Northwest and Southwest districts will not exist. 

The 5 newly formed districts will be:

  1. Seelampur
  2. Gandhi Nagar
  3. Saraswati Vihar
  4. Najafgadh
  5. Kalka Ji

It was the proposal of law department to divide the capital into 11 districts so that the work of the judiciary and the revenue department gets distributed according to their respective areas. Presently, the work of the trial courts is divided into 9 districts for the civil cases, while, there is only one chief metropolitan magistrate for criminal jurisdiction. The revenue department has 9 districts and 27 sub-divisions.



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