November 29: International Day of Solidarity

United Nations observes the “International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People” on November 29, every year.


  • The day is observed to mark the adoption of UN’s resolution to divide Palestine into two states.
  • The UN traditionally celebrates the day by undertaking its annual debate on the question of Palestine.
  • It is being observed since

How the day is observed?

The observance of this day is held at United Nations Headquarters in New York as well as United Nations Offices at Geneva and Vienna.


International Day of Solidarity solemnly commemorate the adoption of resolution 181 (II), by the assembly on November 29, 1947.  This resolution provided for the partition of Palestine into two States, one Arab and one Jewish. The day is usually observed on November 29. But in 2003, it was observed on December 1.

Establishment of the day

The annual observance of this day was established by UN General Assembly Resolution 32/40 B, on December 2, 1977. Its observance finally started in 1978.

Arab–Israeli conflict

Arab-Israeli conflict involves political tension, military conflicts as well as disputes between Arab countries and Israel. This conflict was escalated during 20th century. However, it faded out by early 21st century. This conflict has a religious aspect. There are different views with regard to the “Promised Land” and the “Chosen City” of Jerusalem. According to Hebrew Bible, the Land of Canaan or Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) was promised to the Children of Israel, by God.  But in 1896 manifesto, Theodor Herzl refers to the Biblical Promised Land concept.




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