November 23: Poonch Link up Day celebrated by Indian Army

Indian Army on November 23, 2019 commemorated the Poonch Link-up Day. The even was organized to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lived defending Poonch during the conflict in 1948


The army laid its wreath at the War Memorial in the Poonch District. The event was conducted to mark Operation Easy that was aimed to defend the Poonch district from the invading Pakistan. On the sidelines of the commemoration, several welfare events were organized. The physically challenged people in the local were provided with two wheelers and wheel chairs. As a part of the event, Volleyball championship and hockey tournaments were also held.

Poonch District

The Poonch district is bounded by Line of Control on all three sides. In 1947-48 war, the district was divided between India and Pakistan. A part of the district went to Pakistan and the other part became a part of the then Indian state Jammu and Kashmir.

1947 war

The 1947 war also called the First Kashmir War was the first of the four wars fought between India and Pakistan. Pakistan after a few weeks of its independence launched the Lashkar tribals with the intention of capturing Kashmir. The then ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh requested India to help him. India retaliated and won the war.




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