NITI Aayog to relook into laws that constrain Ease of Living

The NITI Aayog is currently involved in identifying the various statutes and rules which can be done away with to improve ease of living for people.

What is the Ease of living?

  • Ease of living can be defined as the convenience of living of the general public.
  • It has two main aspects which are that the government should accept the responsibility for providing the public with goods and services in an efficient and transparent manner and the state should ensure that the people do not feel constrained by the role of the state in their lives.?

What the NITI Aayog plans?

  • The current plan of the NITI Aayog is to ensure that Indian citizens get easier access to infrastructure and adequate space to develop their entrepreneurial and other positive skills actions.
  • The role of the government is to ensure that the people are provided the public services most efficiently and effectively.
  • Laws should act as enablers of change, not inhibitors of change.
  • If the laws are strict, people may look for loopholes to act in contravention to them.
  • In this present when the technology is rapidly changing along with rapidly evolving business models and consumer behavior, the laws should keep pace with the changing times.
  • The Indian Government aims for voluntary compliance and self-certification.

What the Government is doing?

To improve the living standards of the common people, the Modi government aims to provide better amenities to all people.

These efforts include providing access and better support for cooking gas, toilets, electricity, health insurance and houses to the poor and offered income support for farmers reeling from distress in the agricultural economy through several programs meant for the upliftment of the people.




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