NITI Aayog: National Convention on Prevention of Obesity

National Convention on Prevention of Maternal, Adolescent and Childhood Obesity was convened by NITI Aayog.


  • Convention was held under the chairmanship of Dr. V.K. Paul and Co-chairmanship of Dr. R Hemalatha.
  • NITI Aayog described obesity as “silent epidemic”.
  • During the convention & national consultation, global experts, representatives from UN bodies & central ministries presented their evidence on increasing prevalence of obesity and presented best practices of reducing obesity.
  • Secretaries of Ministry of AYUSH and Department of Youth Affairs also made suggestions on promoting healthy behaviour.
  • All of them expressed need to address the issue of obesity on a priority basis, with emphasis on better mass communication.
  • In conclusion, Dr. V.K Paul called for a multi-sectoral approach to target adolescents in a bid to promote activity and healthy lifestyle.

Obesity in India

A survey by Indian Council of Indian Research and National Institute of Nutrition highlights that, adults in urban India consume more fat than those in rural areas. According to ‘What India Eats’ Survey, adults in urban centres of India consumed 51.6 grammes fat per day per head on an average. This volume was 36 grammes in rural areas. 84 percent of the rural received their energy requirement for per day from total fats or oils or added fats. Southern India reported lowest per capita consumption of added fat or oils with 22.9-gram intake per day.




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