Ningol Chakkouba festival celebrated in Manipur

Ningol Chakkouba is a popular festival celebrated in Manipur especially by the Meitei community. It is celebrated every year on the second day of the lunar month of Hiyanggei (October-November).

Ningol means the daughter of a family and Chakkouba stands for the feast in Meiteilol language. On this day, the married sisters and daughters go to their paternal homes for a sumptuous lunch and receive gifts from their parents and brothers. In short, this festival is celebrated to renew and strengthen family bonds.

The festival is said to have its origin in around 4th century when Queen Laisana began the trend of inviting her brother Poireiton to home for a feast. Initially, the festival was called as Piba (meaning son) Chakkouba, but later it eventually became Ningol Chakkouba.