New Viper Species discovered by Indian Herpetologists in Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian Herpetologists discovered new species of viper family in the Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh. It has been named after a fictional character, Salazar Slytherin.


This is the second species of viper that was discovered in Arunachal Pradesh. However, there are more 48 species of viper in the region (across South East Asia and East Asia). It is very difficult to spot in Arunachal Pradesh. Also, the biodiversity documentation in the state is bad.


Vipers are venomous snakes that are found in almost all parts of the world. They are not found in Australia, Antarctica, Hawaii, New Zealand and Madagascar. They have a pair of long fangs that inject venom. These snakes are intelligent and have the capability to decide how much venom to inject based on the circumstances.

Pakke Tiger Reserve

The Tiger Reserve is bounded by Kameng river in the west and north and by Pakke river in the east. It is located in Arunachal Pradesh.




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