New Scheme for Education : Deeksharambh

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched a new scheme for student welfare “Deeksharambh”.

What is Deeksharambh?

  • The Deeksharambh will be a program designed as the UGC’s guide to student induction program.
  • This is essential as mainly students leave their home for the first time when they come to a new institute and often have difficulties adjusting in the new environment.
  • The Deeksharambh program will help the students adjust easily and be comfortable in the new environment.
  • This will improve student morale and inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution.
  • The Deeksharambh program will help the students build constructive bonds with other students and faculty members.
  • The Programme seeks to engage the new students as soon as they come into the institution, preferably before the regular classes start and students get engrossed in the learning activity.
  • In the induction, the students will learn about the institute policies, the processes involved, practices, culture, and values
  • To aid them in their learning and development, mentor groups will be formed.
  • Mentoring will be of the main components of Student Induction Programme and it helps in developing an everlasting bonding of teacher and student and enables the student to acclimatize to the new institute.

Steps to promote Deeksharambh

To promote the Deeksharambh scheme, UGC will conduct Training and Awareness Programmes for faculty members in various parts of the country.




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