Naval Dockyard Mumbai develops low cost temperature gun for screening

The Naval Dockyard Mumbai has developed a low cost hand held temperature gun to enable preliminary screening of COVID-19 cases.

Temperature Guns

Temperature guns are also called non-contact thermometers. These are infrared thermometers that infers the temperature of an object from the thermal radiation emitted by it. It measures the quantum of infrared radiation emitted by the object. They are capable of measuring an object’s temperature from a distance.

ND’s Temperature Gun

The temperature gun developed by the Naval Dockyard is to be manufactured at the cost of less than 1,000 INR (much lower than market price). It is based on IR radiation measurement and has an accuracy of 0.02 degree Celsius.  It has an LED display integrated with microcontroller.

Naval Dockyard, Mumbai

The Naval Dockyard in Mumbai is 285 years old. It is a ship building yard. It is under the Western Naval Command and sees an influx of 20,000 personnel every day on an average. In light of the current pandemic, the dockyard is resorting to temperature guns to screen the large number of people entering its premises.



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