Nation bids adieu to Sarabjit Singh with state honors

The mortal body of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh was consigned to flames in his village with full state honors amid mournful emotions.
Sarabjit Singh:

  • Indian citizen from Bhikhiwind, Punjab.
  • Inadvertently crossed the zero-line, bordering with Pakistan in 1990, in an inebriated state while working in his fields which run along the border.
    Arrested by the Pakistan Rangers and was charged by the Lahore police alleging his role Lahore bombings.
  • Tried in the Lahore HC and was sentenced to death in 1991.
  • His all mercy petitions were rejected but his death sentence was repeatedly postponed by the Government of Pakistan.
  • He succumbed to the serious injuries he received when he was brutally attacked by six fellow prison inmates.
  • Punjab (India) assembly declared him a National Martyr.



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