Nagaland declared “disturbed area” for 6 more months

The Government of India has declared Nagaland as “disturbed area” for another 6 months till December, 2020.


The state of Nagaland has been declared as “disturbed area” under Section 3 of AFSPA (Armed Forces (Special Powers) act), 1958. Nagaland has been under the coverage of AFSPA for almost 6 decades.

AFSPA was not withdrawn even after an agreement, that was signed between GoI and Naga Insurgent Group National Socialist Council of Nagaland in 2015.

AFSPA in North Eastern States

The act is still in force in parts of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. The violent incidents in the region has fallen from 77 in 2014 to 19 in 2017. Also, the extremists killing has fallen from 296 to 171. AFSPA was totally removed from Meghalaya in 2019.

Since 1997, the insurgency in the North Eastern states has reduced by 96%.

What is the issue?

The conflicts in the state of Nagaland can be brought down to an armed revolution since 1946. The insurgencies are arising in the land demanding an autonomous state for Nagas. The region is spread in Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Assam. The region demanded is also called “Greater Nagalim”.




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