Mukesh Ambani titled India's richest person for 6th year in a row

As per an annual ranking released by business magazine Forbes, Mukesh Ambani with a networth of $21.5 billion has retained his title as India’s richest person for sixth year in a row. Mexican business mogul Carlos Slim, with a networth of $73 billion, has been ranked as wealthiest in the world for the fourth consecutive year. On the global rankings, Mukesh Ambani is placed 22nd, while the second-richest Indian Lakshmi Mittal is at 41st rank with a networth of $16.5 billion.

Top 5 richest people:

  1. Carlos Slim
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Amanacio Ortega
  4. Warren Buffet
  5. Larry Ellison



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