MOM: AP Government buys from Indian Navy for COVID-19 patients

The Andhra Pradesh Government is to buy Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold developed by Indian Navy, Vishkhapatnam to meet the requirement of oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients. Initially the Indian Navy provided the equipment free-of-cost to the Andhra Pradesh Government.


The portable MOM equipment was designed by Naval Dockyard Vishakhapatnam using a six-way header and a single cylinder. This means that a single oxygen cylinder can be used to supply oxygen to six patients. Also MOM is portable and hence will be easy in isolation wards being set up in railway coaches. Indian Navy is to open source MOM for the Indian companies to manufacture it locally to meet the current needs.


With the Corona Virus spreading at faster rate in India, there would be more requirement of ventilators and oxygen supplying equipment. This is because, about 5% to 8% of COVID-19 patients require ventilator support and 20% will need oxygen supply. Today in India there are more than 1,800 cases and the numbers are increasing.



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