Moderate English proficiency in India: Survey

As per the English Proficiency Index (EPI) which ranked 54 countries on the basis of the average language ability of adults, India stood at 14th position. Scandinavian countries topped the rankings and Libya performed worst.

As per the report:

  • Women scored 53.90 as against men’s 52.14.
  • Women in the Middle East and North Africa scored more than 5 points above men.
  • Malaysia and Singapore have the highest proficiency in Asia.
  • Among the BRIC countries, Brazil is ranked only 46th, China at 36th, Russia at 29th and India at 14th.
  • Countries with low and very low proficiency have uniformly low levels of exports per capita.
  • Countries with low English proficiency also demonstrate unusually low levels of international collaboration in research.

What is EF English Proficiency Index?

The EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) is a report which attempts to rank countries by the average level of English skills amongst adults.

It is the product of EF Education First, a global language training company, and draws its conclusions from data collected via online English tests available for free over the internet.




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