Mobile COVID 19 Testing Infra Doubled in AP

In order to fight against the COVID 19 pandemic more effectively, the Andhra Pradesh government has deployed 52 new buses to the supplement the present vehicles for testing samples positioned across all high-risk areas in the state. An estimated number of 102 buses are now stationed in various districts and they are collecting samples from 95 locations in the state.

The intelligent monitoring analysis services quarantine system provides a contactless digitalized swab sample collection system in these buses and it is also helpful in tracking and tracing patients with infections in all the containment zones in the state.

These buses have been employed for the purpose of mass testing and can survey 10-12 people at a time in order to avert any kind of crowd gathering. The buses have been devised in a way that they facilitate zero contact procedure with each bus having 10 counters with three officials each deployed in every counter to collect and process the samples collected.

Once these samples are collected, they are being sent to the ICMR laboratories for further testing. The persons entering the state are also tracked through their Aadhaar numbers and the swab sample is collected from them also. The people in the quarantine camps are also tracked properly so that no procedure is left.

The state government has also decided to increase the number of medical professionals working in the districts in order to combat the menace of COVID 19. The state has plans to hire 9700 medical staff for strengthening the fight against the deadly pandemic.

As on 17th July, the total tally of COVID 19 cases in AP stands at 40646 with the death toll being 534.




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