Mission Shakti launched in Uttar Pradesh

On October 17, 2020, the Uttar Pradesh Government launched “Mission Shakti” for women empowerment in the state. It aims to reduce crime against women in the state.


Under the scheme, the state will have a separate room for women complainants in 1,535 police stations spread all over the state. The State government is widely criticised that the mission was launched in response to Hathras case controversy.

What is Hathras Case?

In September 2020, a 19-year old Dalit girl was gang raped and murdered in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. She died in Delhi hospital. The controversy broke through social media after the Hathras district magistrate called it a “Fake News”. There were wide protests against the UP government regarding the matter.

Crime against women in India

According to the National Crime Record Bureau, around 3,78,277 crimes against women were reported in 2018. This is an upward trend as compared to 2017. Uttar Pradesh topped the list following Maharashtra and West Bengal. The crimes such as cruelty by husband or his relatives constituted the major share of crimes against women.

Causes for Crimes against Women

Gender Disparity is the major route cause for violence against women in the country. Gender stereo types and discriminatory gender norms lead to structural inequality.

Psychological Morbidity is also a reason for increase in crimes against women. The psychological morbidity refers to incidence of physical and psychological deterioration. This is usually caused due to consumption of alcohol.

The socio-demographic factors such as patriarchy is also the main cause of violence against women. In families where women have sufficient power to change the traditional gender roles, the risk of violence is high.

Cultural and Traditional Practices against women

Female genital mutation leads to infertility, long term psychological trauma, death infertility with increased physical suffering. Acid attacks recently has emerged as an inexpensive technique to disfigure women. Early marriages, killing in the name of family honour are the other forms of violence against women in the country.




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  • Abhishek Dan

    Everything is ok ,but if someone commits a crime who is a relative or who has close relation with the ministers holding the power in UP, then I am little skeptical in this fact that whether they will be punished or not. Because now a days I see in many places criminals find shade under the umbrella of Politicians who are in power!



    • Avinash Thakur

      We the people of India are the power of our country and we have the power to raise protests against this kind of despairity….all we have to do is to stop writing over it and start taking action over it..