Military engineers develop ‘Smart Mine Field’ Application to detect friendly mines

Engineers from the Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) have developed a ‘Smart Mine Field’ application which will pinpoint the location of friendly mines, whose position might have shifted over a period of time.
What are Friendly Mines?

  • Friendly Mines are mines fitted at a strategic site to gain advantage and whose locations are well known to those who have planted it.

How would this application help?
Mines are usually placed in several locations at a strategic site and left there for long. Sometimes, owing to rain or for some other reason, their location shift. Due to this change in their location, it becomes difficult to anticipate its position which in turn can cause accidental stepping on one’s own mine.
It has been observed that almost all injuries Indian soldiers suffered in mine-related incidents were due to friendly mines. With the help of this application which proposes to fit all mines used by the Indian Army with radio frequency tags, the detection of the friendly mines will become easier by using a computer or even a tablet. This will be easier than using a metal detector.



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