Mi India pledges 2500 smartphones to children, to promote online education

The Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi has stated that its Indian arm MI India will distribute 2500 handsets worth Rs 2 crores to support online education of children who were the worst affected by the COVID 19 pandemic in the country.

Details of the Decision

The company has come up with this idea amid the pandemic situation since it wants to support the concept of education in the country and wants to ensure that education reaches to all the children in the country. This is also part of the Digital India initiative by the government and the company wants to support that, at any cost. The smartphones are worth Rs 2 crores. The company has appealed to inform it regarding any child requiring such help in the country as the company will try to help that child.

Significance of the Initiative

According to Teach for India, one smartphone can support the education of up to seven children on the use of the devices in shifts. This move will help those many children in the country. This comes on the backdrop of the UN policy Brief stating the grim impact of the pandemic on education all over the world.

What is Teach for India?

It is a not-for-profit initiative that is part of the Teach for All Network. It recruits college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. It is trying to end the problem of educational inequity in India and provide an excellent education to all children in the country.




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