Meghalaya: Seng Khasi Movement Day

  • Indigenous Khasi men and proclaiming the dignity and solemnity of the indigenous Khasi faith and culture, celebrated the annual “Seng Kut Snem festival” / Khasi Movement Day.
  • In Meghalaya, every year, the “Seng Khasi Movement” day is observed which marks a movement (tribal uprising) that took place in 1899. However, this was not the first uprising in the region. The early part of the 19th century saw “Ri Hynniewtrep” (Khasi nation) under the local rulers. Over last two centuries, Seng Khasi has played the role of a custodian of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the people in the region.
  • The faith had originated on the line of the Brahmosamaj, but became a resurrect tribal religion that took shape in the 19th century. It is also a torchbearer of “Niamtre” religion of the tribal masses of Meghalaya.



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