Meghalaya Milk Mission launched in Shillong

Meghalaya Milk Mission was launched in Shillong. It is Rs. 215 crores project sanctioned by Union Ministry of Agriculture and Family Welfare through National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC). The amount will be utilised for various training under dairy farm, chilling centre and purchase of milch animal.

Meghalaya Milk Mission

Milk Mission has been conceptualised to plug demand-supply gap in per capita milk availability. The per capita milk availability in Meghalaya is much lower than Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR’s) recommendation of milk consumption per person.
It will help in achieving Centre’s goal of doubling farmer’s income by 2022 through promotion of milk business in the state. It will generate alternate livelihoods for rural people of Meghalaya through diary sector. 2000 farmers will be directly benefitted by it over next four years. It will also check absence of organised marketing channels in dairy sector in Meghalaya. It will enable state to substitute import of milk with state’s own production.
The project consists of 2000 dairy farm units, in one unit there is provision for purchase of 5 cows, shed constructions, storage room construction, animal insurance, 13 milk tankers of 3000 litre capacity, 79 bulk milk coolers of 500 litre capacity etc. There is also provision of Rs 1 crore for training of farmers in project.



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