Mass Production of Pinaka Rocket begins

On September 26, 2020, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) began the mass production of Pinaka rockets. The mass production of the rocket has been handed over to Directorate General of Quality Assurance.


The Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP) handed over the Pinaka weapon system production project to Directorate-General of Quality Assurance. The AHSP is responsible for collecting and analysing defence items.


The Pinaka rocket system has a range of 37.5 kilometres. These rockets are launched from multi barrel rocket launcher that is capable of launching 12 Rockets in 44 seconds. The Pinaka weapon system was designed and developed by Armament Research and Development Establishment which is a Pune based DRDO lab. As of 2014 India has been producing 5000 missiles every year. An advanced variant of pinaka is also under development. As of 2019 an upgraded pinaka system with a range of over 90 km was test fired.


The Indian government is currently in the mode of of increasing the capacity of Defence forces. This is being done to counter bod irritant created by Pakistan and China along line of control and line of actual control. Also the Government of India has launched the novel Innovation and Indigenisation organisation to enhance its Naval forces.

National indigenisation and Innovation Organisation

It was launched to bring upon self-reliance in defence sector with the vision of Atma nirbhar Bharat. It is a three-tier organisation.

  • The Naval Technology acceleration Council will bring together Innovation and indigenisation and also will provide Apex level directives.
  • The working group under the organisation will implement the decisions.
  • The technology development acceleration cell will induct emerging disruptive Technologies in an accelerated time frame.

According to the draft defence production and export promotion policy 2020, the organisation is to be established within existing resources.




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