Mark-45 Naval Artillery Gun worth $1 billion to India approved by U.S

The U.S government have approved the biggest defence deal with India in last four year worth $1 billion for the sale of 13 MarK-45 5inch/62 calibre naval artillery guns. The deal would also include spare parts, personnel training and equipment, technical data and publications, ammunition, technical assistance and other logistics support from the contractor and the U.S government.

The purchase is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to modernize the armed forces by spending $250 billion by 2025, to meet challenges from rivals Pakistan and China.

Since 2007, The U.S has been able to notch up defence deals worth $17 billion with India.

Mark-45 Gun system will provide Indian navy to the capacity to conduct anti-air defence missions and anti-surface warfare.

Mark-45 naval guns are manufactured by BAE Systems Land & Armaments.



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