Mallinckrodt Pharma acquires Therakos for USD 1.3 billion from Gores Group

Mallinckrodt, a leader in biopharmaceutical has signed an agreement to buy a leading immunotherapy company Therakos Inc, from the global investment firm, Gores Group for approximately 1.325 billion US dollars.
Significance of Therakos Acquisition:

  • Therakos Inc is a US based global leader in autologous immune cell therapy delivered through extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) that focuses to harness the power of patients’ immune systems to fight blood cancer.
  • Its latest generation Cellex Photopheresis System is the only approved fully integrated systems in the world for administering autologous immune cell therapy through ECP.
  • Therakos Photopheresis specifically deals with the treatment of a blood cancer that affects the skin for patients who have not been responsive to other forms of treatment.
  • This therapeutic platforms of Therakos is used by hospitals, academic medical centres and treatment centres in more than 25 countries and deliver over one million photopheresis treatments globally.
  • Mallinckrodt a Dublin, Ireland based drug and medical device maker expects to broaden its specialty segment in hospitals through innovative therapies and devices of Therakos.
  • Mallinckrodt with this acquisition want to enlarge its presence into immunotherapy, pain management, critical-care respiratory therapies in neonatal intensive care units that has strong foot prints in nuclear medicines.

Autologous immune cell therapy: It is a therapy in which immune cells of the cancer patient is taken out of his/her body which are cultured and processed to activate them for resistance to cancer is strengthened and then the cells are put back in the body.



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