Maharashtra Government to use hologram technique to check spurious liquor

Maharashtra Government has decided to make it mandatory to have a hologram on every alcohol bottle manufactured and sold in the state in order to check sale of spurious liquor.
Henceforth, no liquor bottle will be allowed to be sold in the state without the hologram. The decision was taken keeping in mind the 2015 tragedy at Malwani where about 100 people died after consuming spurious liquor.
How it will work?

  • It will be mandatory to paste polyester base track and trace hologram on every alcohol bottle.
  • It will be supported by a mobile application that will be developed by the Government and will be made available at free of cost.
  • When the mobile app is brought in contact with the hologram, it will immediately generate a green or red mark.
  • The mark generated will indicate the buyer whether the liquor, wine, country made liquor, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) is fake or genuine.
  • Besides, this technique will also help prevent loss of revenue due to cheap liquor being imported into Maharashtra from neighbouring States.



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