MadadMap: Real-time online map of vacant beds

First-of-its -kind, real-time online map was launched, by a team of 15 Doctors and 12 Professionals from the diaspora in US and India, which shows available hospital beds in India with real-time updates.


This online map was launched with the aim of providing critical and time-sensitive information to anxious Covid-19 patients, as battle against second wave of pandemic continues. This portal was launched by Project Madad (help). It is India’s first country-wide map showing availability of hospital beds in real-time updates. Washington-based Dr Rajesh Anumolu was head architect of ‘MadadMaps’.

Why it was created?

MadadMaps was created with mission that “proper education and training” of local healthcare workers and Registered Medical Practitioners is the “fundamental” of controlling Covid spread across rural India.

How MadadMaps works?

  • This online portal uses a proprietary algorithm to generate information from all major online aggregators of hospital beds availability across city and State for government as well as private hospitals.
  • It provides critical and real-time details including hospital name and location and availability of ICU beds, oxygen supply, ventilators, non-oxygen beds etc.
  • It also provides immediate information of available Covid-19 treatment centres, expedites access to hospitals with the objective of reducing psychological stress of people.




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