Libya: Shelling kills four in Tripoli

The heavy shelling in the capital of Libya, Tripoli has already claimed the lives of 4 people. It has been two weeks since the forces of Khalifa Haftar, Libyan National Army which are based in the east are stuck in the southern outskirts fighting the armed groups which are loyal to the government of Tripoli backed by United Nations.

The southern district of Abu Salim was shelled with heavy explosions which were even heard in the city centre where life had been so far untouched by violence which was happening in Libya. At least two people have been killed by the artillery and another eight were wounded as per the media. It is not clear who or what is behind the shelling.

It is said that the district is based near the road to the old airport in the southern part of Tripoli which has often changed hands many times ever since the fighting has started. Abu Salim is located in the north of the forces which have their loyalty to the government of Tripoli. They seek to stop the troops of LNA which are coming from the south.

Forces which are loyal to the Tripoli have alleged that Libyan National Army is firing rockets towards the residential areas but the LNA has completely refused the shelling and have instead accused a Tripoli-based group of the same. It is not for the first time that the forces of Haftar have targeted the civilian areas. It is also said that people are wondering why there is no international pressure on the forces of Haftar for putting an end to the escalation both in and around the capital.

Libya has been in such a chaos ever since the NATO forces had toppled the Gaddafi government in 2011. Libya has seen been split into two rival administrations based in east and west since 2014. It is the push of Haftar on the capital which has threatened to further destabilise Libya and re-start a full-blown civil war. Both sides accuse each other of targeting the civilians.

At least 174 people have lost their lives in the recent unrest and around 756 has been wounded since April 4 as per the figures from the World Health Organisation. WHO has deployed more surgical staff to support the hospitals as the number of trauma cases is on the rise.



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