US launches biggest NATO airborne drills since Cold War in Europe

The US military has launched the largest NATO airborne drills dubbed as Swift Response 15 since the end of the Cold War to enhance security and stability in the European region.
Swift Response 15 will be month long simultaneous multinational airborne operations drill in which around 5,000 soldiers from 11 NATO member states will participate.
Key facts

  • 11 NATO member courtiers participating are: Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Britain Spain, and United States.
  • These airborne drills aim to help high-readiness NATO forces in order to act as one single force and to demonstrate its alliance’s capacity to operate and rapidly deploy forces in support to maintaining a strong and secure Europe.
  • In these drills allied warplanes led by US will drop more than one thousand paratroopers and warfare equipment to Hohenfels training area in Germany.
  • Similar air drop drill will also take place the same day at the Novo Selo training area in Bulgaria.



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