Lancet report: Booster shots ‘not appropriate’ for public

According to a report published in the Lancet, vaccine efficacy against severe Covid-19 is so high, that booster doses for the general population are “not appropriate” at this stage of the pandemic.


  • The review was provided by the scientists from World Health Organization (WHO) and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Review was provided when FDA is currently reviewing evidence for booster doses for Americans.
  • Countries like Israel, Italy, France and Russia have already rolled out the third dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

Findings of the report

  • Report summarises that; vaccines comprise of evidence from randomised controlled trials and observational studies that were published in peer-reviewed journals. It clearly shows the benefits of first shots.
  • According to it, vaccination had 95 per cent efficacy against severe disease including the Delta variant and Alpha variant.
  • Vaccine is having the efficacy of 80 per cent in protecting against any infection from these variants.
  • However, vaccines are less effective against asymptomatic disease or against transmission as compared to severe disease.
  • It notes that, unvaccinated minority are still the major drivers of transmission.
  • However, currently available studies do not provide any credible evidence of substantially declining protection against severe covid-19 disease, which is main goal of vaccination.

Is third dose essential?

CEO of AstraZeneca recently noted that, third dose of vaccines against Covid-19 will not be needed for everyone.

WHO’s take

WHO has called to extend the global moratorium on Covid-19 booster doses. with the aim of enabling every country to vaccinate at least 40 per cent the population.




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