“Kolkata”- World's 7th most riskiest city

As per the World’s Riskiest Cities 2014 report, Kolkata emerged as the world’s 7th most risky city, the only entry from India, when it comes to being under threat from all types of natural disasters.
Excerpts of the World’s Riskiest Cities 2014 report

  • Based on Swiss Re’s risk modelling expertise and the latest hazard information.
  • Focus: On the most severe natural disasters confronting 616 of the world’s largest urban areas and assesses the potential impact they have on local residents and the wider economy.
  • Most risky city in the world for all types of natural disasters:Tokyo.
  • Manilla – the second riskiest city followed by the Pearl River Delta in China, Osaka, Jakarta, Nagoya, Kolkata, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Tehran.
  • Storms endanger mostly urban areas on the coast. The danger of wind storms is most acute in the metropolitan areas of eastern Asia.
  • Across the 616 cities assessed, river flooding poses a threat to over 379 million residents. Over 283 million inhabitants could potentially be affected by earthquakes and 157 million people are at risk from strong winds.
  • Winter storms in Europe:London (2.2 million), Paris (1.1 million), the Rhine-Ruhr area in Germany (1.0 million) and Amsterdam- Rotterdam (0.9 million) are at top four spots.

For the first time in human history more people live in cities than in rural areas. The United Nations expects 68% of the world’s population to be living in urban areas by 2050.