Kofi Annan resigns as the UN special envoy to Syria

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan quit as the UN special envoy to Syria. He was appointed to the position to explore for the peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and secure a peaceful transition of the rule. He failed to accomplish his task. Besides, he also failed to bring all the super powers on one platform as Russia and China vetoed the western plan of peace in Syria.

Kofi Annan had suggested a 6-point peace plan to halt violence in the Syria. The 6 points :

· Collaboration with international envoy to secure peaceful political change in the country by taking into account of the legitimate aspirations and concerns of Syrian people.

· End to violence by all sides; army troops to stop using heavy weapons and withdraw to barracks.

· Permission for humanitarian assistance particularly for the areas worst hit by violence

· Release of detainees who were detained arbitrarily by the present government

· Ensuring freedom of movement for journalists

· Permission to the citizens for peaceful demonstrations



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