“Know India Programme” for NRI and PIO youth by GOI

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs programme named “Know India Programme (KIP)” for young Overseas Indians, with a view to provide them an exposure to the country of their origin (i.e. India) so that they can understand India better and more closely.
Know India Programme of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is a 3-week orientation programme for diaspora youth conducted with a view to promote awareness on different facets of life in India and the progress made by the country in various fields e.g. economic, industrial, education, Science & Technology, Communication & Information Technology, culture.
Under the Programme, 20 young persons of Indian origin in the age group of 18 to 24 from different countries visit India every year, which will provide them an opportunity to have a deeper understanding into Indian people and society.
The content of the programme broadly includes the following:

  1. Presentations on the country, political process, developments in various sectors,
  2. Interaction with faculty and students at a prestigious University/College/Institute,
  3. Presentation on the industrial development and visits to some Industries,
  4. Visit to a village to better understand the typical village life,
  5. Exposure to Indian media,
  6. Interaction with NGOs and organizations dealing with women affairs,
  7. Visit to places of historical importance/Monuments,
  8. Taking part in Cultural programmes,
  9. Exposure to yoga,
  10. Call on high dignitaries, which may include President of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, and Ministers in-charge of Overseas Indian Affairs, Youth Affairs and Sports.

So far MOIA has organized 24 Know India Programmes in which 729 Overseas Diaspora Youth have participated in these programmes.



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