“Khongjom Day” commemorated by Manipur

On April 23, 2020, the state of Manipur commemorated Khongjom Day. The day is marked to pay tribute to the warriors who fought in the 1891 Anglo-Manipur war.

Anglo-Manipur War

The Anglo-Manipur was an armed conflict between the British Government and the Kingdom of Manipur. The war was fought between 31 March and 27 April of 1891. It resulted in the victory of British.

The war has its significance in the Indian history for the bravery of the soldiers that fought against three sides of British attack, that is, from Silchar, Kohima and Myanmar. The battle was fought at the Kheba hills of Khongjom in Manipur and hence the name Khongjom Day or Khongjom war.

Khongjom War Memorial Complex

The Complex is a historical site that holds the tallest sword statute in the world. The site was constructed in remembrance of the brave souls who fought in the war. The place is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the North East.




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