Kenya to close Dadaab, world's biggest refugee camp

The Kenyan Government has decided to close Dadaab refugee camp which is often referred to as the world’s largest refugee camp over the issue national security.
The camp is home to 330000 refugees mostly from Somalia who have fled from the civil war in their country.
Security threat: Kenyan Government has stated that the Dadaab refugee camp has become safe haven for terrorist organizations like al-Shabaab, a Somali-based Islamist extremists group and also a conduit for smuggling weapons. al-Shabab also had planned three large-scale attacks from Dadaab.
The United Nations and non-governmental organizations have urged Kenya Government to reconsider its decision to close Dadaab camp.
Dadaab Refugee Camp was established in 1991 to receive Somalis fleeing civil war. Since then the population of the Dadaab camps expanded.



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