K Vijay Raghavan appointed as Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to Government of India (GoI)

Krishnaswamy Vijay Raghavan, one of the most distinguished biologists of the country, has been appointed as the new Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India (GoI). He will succeed 81-year-old nuclear physicist R Chidambaram, who has been in the position for more than 16 years. The PSA, post created by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999, is the topmost advisor to the government on all matters related to scientific policy. The office of the PSA is one of the three scientific bodies the government relies on for advice on matters relating to science and which act as the interface between scientific institutions and the government. The other two are Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SAC-PM) and Science Advisory Council to the Cabinet (SAC-C).


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