June 3: World Bicycle Day

Every year, World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3. The day is celebrated by the United Nations to lay emphasis about the benefits of cycling.


The World Bicycle Day is being celebrated since 2018. The day was declared by the United Nations. The main aim to observe the day is to celebrate uniqueness, versatility and longevity of bicycle.

The day is being celebrated as an after effect of Leszek Sibilski’s crusade. Sibilski led campaigns to promote UN resolution for World Bicycle Day.


Bicycles help save 238 million gallons of fuel every year. Around 100 million bicycles are manufactured every year. Also, bicycles are the most affordable transport in the world. They are 20 times cheaper than that of a car

World Health Organization

According to WHO, safe infrastructure and cycling is a step towards greater health equity. The World Bicycle Day promotes the use of bicycles for its environmental and health benefits.




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