July 4: International Day of cooperatives

Every year, the International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated on July 4. The main aim of celebrating the day is to draw the world attention in creating awareness about the concerns in cooperative sector.



The first International Day of Cooperatives was celebrated in 1923. It was established by the International Cooperative Alliance. In 1995, both the International Cooperative Alliance and the United Nations came together to promote the celebrations of the day by establishing Committee on Promotions and Advancements of Cooperatives (COPAC). Bottomline, the committee is the one that launches the celebrations of the day.


This year, the International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated under the following theme

Theme: cooperatives for Climate Action.

The theme has been selected to address the threat of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. The theme aims to support Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 13. The theme will focus on the contribution of cooperatives on climate change.




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